Babies, Blackboards & Breakthroughs

9 Feb

What better way to feel minted than hiring an independent artist to create your own personal announcement. Now we can all feel like Hollywood A-listers! The birth of a new family member allows one to send joyful announcements to friends and   [. . .]


31 Dec

Lighting Optimism © Yvonne Cornell 2012
Botanical Inspiration Day #31: Keep the flame of optimism always lit. In spite of its close-packed frame, even the young pinecone will open its petals in a warm home. Happy New Year! “It is the formidable character of the species to r   [. . .]


30 Dec

Teasel Forest  © Yvonne Cornell, 2013
Botanical Inspiration Day #30: A brand spankin’ new year lays dormant, deep under layers of snow, ready and waiting to burst forth. Japanese Plum blossom buds in the wild Fullers Teasel (dipsacus sativus.) The poetry of the earth is n   [. . .]


29 Dec

Becoming Real © Yvonne Cornell 2013
Botanical Inspiration Day #29: Winter leaves, dried and decayed, Brugmansia ”The Angel’s Trumpet.” Winter’s bleakness transposed. On becoming real…   “What is REAL?” asked the Rabbit one day,    [. . .]


28 Dec

Botanical Inspiration Day #28: The tenacity of Juniperus occidentalis australis or The Sierra Juniper. Elfin woods are trees that survive on poor soil in the subalpine zone above tree line. They often become “krummholz” which is German   [. . .]


27 Dec

  Botanical Inspiration Day #27: Magic! There is a sublime magic in a wee bit ‘o Tree Talk. Susan Branch, a California born dream maker who now lives in Martha’s Vineyard, calls upon the ancient wisdom of trees, flowers and a w   [. . .]


26 Dec

Gratitude © Yvonne Cornell 2012
Botanical Inspiration Day #26: The Arum Italicum, nicknamed “The Cuckoo Pint” and ”Orange Candleflower” or “Lords and Ladies.” This strangely beautiful flowering woodland plant is highly poisonous and   [. . .]


25 Dec

Inclusivity © Yvonne Cornell 2013
  Botanical Inspiration Day #25: Eucalyptus Seed Caps. The Eucalyptus is an immigrant to California from Australia, brought here during the Gold Rush. “Eucalyptus” contains two Greek words: “eu” which means R   [. . .]


24 Dec

Rosa Reve D'Or © Yvonne Cornell 2009
Botanical Inspiration Day #24: Rosa Reve D’Or or “Dreams of Gold.”  Dream Big. “Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure


23 Dec

Dignity © Yvonne Cornell 2012
Botanical Inspiration Day #23: Dignity is a simple beauty. It doesn’t shout out. Dignity lives large in small packages. The Spice Bush or Sweet Shrub, Calycanthus Occedentalis, is a California native found in moist places.
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