Comfort Food (shrimp tom yum)

24 Feb

Comfort food provides safe haven in times of despair and vulnerability, scents and tastes on tongue nourish innate corporeal tugs from loved ones lost. I mourn the loss of my mother’s recipes, misplaced by her many moves around the gl   [. . .]

Nutella Hot Cocoa

13 Feb

Hot Cocoa Close-Up BLOG
Nothing beats a California storm! They’re so rare and whip up such an unexpected frenzy. Last Friday, it was like a witch stuck her craggy finger into our brothy stew and gave it a flick. The wind whipped hills saw the birds fly    [. . .]

Raul’s Kitchen & the Wild Nettles

11 Feb

Raul Hands BLOG
When I’m lucky enough to find stinging nettles growing in an abandoned home lot, I forage immediately and drive to Raul’s kitchen to have him make his famous pesto sauce. This is suburban foraging at its best, and so it is t   [. . .]

Hey Diddle Diddle

6 Feb

Filling Cookie Molds
Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon. Nursery rhymes possess a saccharine silliness like goofy animal cookies. This 1950-60s found-recipe with Humpty Dumpty cookie cutout prompted me to try the same us   [. . .]

The Call of The Farm

3 Feb

Rochelle Bilow, food writer and associate web editor for Bon Appétit magazine spent a year living and working on a small sustainable farm in New York, and wrote about it in her recent book The Call of The Farm. Her novel is a testam   [. . .]

Pink Lemons

30 Jan

I have a new daily habit of awakening 15 minutes earlier to enjoy the quiet over a glass of warm water with lemon juice in advance of coffee, breakfast, and the day’s rush. A dear friend taught me this simple trick, espousing the   [. . .]

Niboshi Dashi (fish stock)

28 Jan

The-Little-Fishermen Feature Photo
Niboshi Dashi is a dried sardine fish stock, the base for so many Japanese and Korean soups. Sardines are super high in calcium and off the charts in Vitamin B12. This fish stock can be stored for up to 3 days in the refrigerator and use   [. . .]

The Coffee Ritual

26 Jan

I fall asleep at night dreaming about my morning ritual, that single perfect black cup of coffee. Sunday mornings allow for a slower drip method using a French vintage enamelware “cafetiere” or coffee pot. There are three sep   [. . .]

A Pampelmousse Trifecta

20 Jan

Pampelmousse is the french word for grapefruit (and so much more fun to say, right!?)  Nothing brightens like citrus in winter . . . but just say the word “grapefruit” and the mouth puckers in anticipation of that tart ting   [. . .]

“Crumbs” is baaack!!

16 Jan

Miette is french for crumb. No better way to celebrate the return of “Following Breadcrumbs” than with a Miette bakery cupcake, n’est ce pas!? It’s the little things that count . . . Enjoy the 3-day holiday!  
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