Imperfectly Perfect

23 Apr

Overhead Plated
  Wabi-Sabi is a concept derived from Buddhist teachings.  It embraces the beauty in the imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.  The Japanese words do not translate easily, but Wabi in the modern age connotes    [. . .]

Sweet Nothings

13 Apr

Banana Bread Butter Spreading
It’s a guarantee. Life throws curve balls. Life also waits for no man. Commitments, gatherings, appointments, deadlines and dishes. All of it, good stuff. Every day, everyman stuff. The daily stuff of goodness. But when those darn cur   [. . .]

Grey Sky, White Bowl

30 Mar

White Bowl
Wide open spaces and empty vessels reinvigorate my creative juices after the confines of the weekday routine. I’m talking about big sky weekends, a simple hand-thrown white ceramic bowl and a grill-press packed in the car trunk &mdash   [. . .]

Turkey Tail Tea Time

26 Mar

Turkey Tail Tea
While awaiting my spring foraging trip for the delectable morel mushroom, I’ve been reading about a medicinal mushroom called the Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor.)  This funny looking mushroom grows unassumingly on fresh, o   [. . .]

Eat like a royal!

19 Mar

Pulled Chicken Close-Up
Some days are not exotic. They’re everyday days. When you’re workin’ like a feudal farmer, and want to eat like a King or Queen, preparing good nourishing food needs to be simple. On these days, Bon Appéti   [. . .]

Marbled Halvah & Babylon Dreams

18 Mar

Ali Baba's Halvah
My mother was many wonderful things, but above all, she was a storyteller and an educator.  She posted large vocabulary words on the kitchen wall for us to saturate in while eating breakfast and dinner, cleverly using the words in idle   [. . .]

Times of Transition

6 Mar

Melange Bird's Eye
Grey-bellied Michelin man clouds hover over spring’s new shoots and pinwheel flowerettes poke up through green grass.  Winter transitions to Spring, but my feet still stand in both.  So it goes with times of transi   [. . .]

Comfort Food (shrimp tom yum)

24 Feb

Comfort food provides safe haven in times of despair and vulnerability, scents and tastes on tongue nourish innate corporeal tugs from loved ones lost. I mourn the loss of my mother’s recipes, misplaced by her many moves around the gl   [. . .]

Nutella Hot Cocoa

13 Feb

Hot Cocoa Close-Up BLOG
Nothing beats a California storm! They’re so rare and whip up such an unexpected frenzy. Last Friday, it was like a witch stuck her craggy finger into our brothy stew and gave it a flick. The wind whipped hills saw   [. . .]

Raul’s Kitchen & the Wild Nettles

11 Feb

Raul Hands BLOG
When I’m lucky enough to find stinging nettles growing in an abandoned home lot, I forage immediately and drive to Raul’s kitchen to have him make his famous pesto sauce. This is suburban foraging at its best   [. . .]
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