Mini Sweet Potato Muffins

29 Jul

Sweet Potato Muffins Cooling
Some days are reserved for cooking adventures in disguise. I wonder if there’s a lovely french phrase for this type of cooking? Here’s a tasty snack that even the über healthy Dr. Mark Burhenne at Ask The Dentist can g   [. . .]

10 Antidotes for Civilization

22 Jul

When the daily grind sets into overdrive, and there’s not a summer escape in sight, or that vacation has already been spent, and you’re longingly wanting it back . . . . . try a few of these small daily respites to kick start th   [. . .]

The Hedgerow Martini

16 Jul

Turkish Cup & Hedgerow Martini
  Summer time is hot weather & cool cocktail time!  Check your pantry for the following ingredients.  Foraged elderberries or blackberries?  You betcha!  We made elderberry syrup right here just last m   [. . .]

The Green River & A Pineapple Upside Down Cake

13 Jul

Ben Overlooking
Five days and four nights on the Green River in the Desolation Canyon of Utah is a superb antidote to civilization and a refreshing reminder that “on the river, there are no problems, only inconveniences.” That’s what our    [. . .]

Spoonful of Elderberries

22 Jun

Pouring Pancake Syrup
  Castor oil is a centuries-old household remedy with demonstrated immune stimulating and antiviral properties. Once upon a time, a misbehaving child was punished with a spoonful of castor oil.  It’s foul tasting!  Than   [. . .]

Artisan Bread Making

15 Jun

La Boule
  I will never take freshly baked bread for granted again. The work and time it takes to produce the perfect crumb, raw dough gently massaged in the cup of one’s hands, back and forth, a gentle weaving rhythm – it’s a   [. . .]

Ricotta Cheesecake with Blueberries

7 Jun

Tastespotting Ricotta Cheesecakes
Little Bear and Little Sal’s mother and Little Sal and Little Bear’s mother were all mixed up with each other among the blueberries on Blueberry Hill. Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey (1948)     Flower:  De   [. . .]

Bittersweet Chocolate Impulse

26 May

Three Glasses Espelette Chocolate
      Take an impulsive thought and put it down on paper.  Don’t overthink it.  Let it go.  Don’t get bogged down in the details.  Just sketch it out. In 1957, Richard Berry wrote the lyri   [. . .]

The Elder’s Gifts

18 May

Strawberries & Cake Overhead
Once upon a time, the Elder Tree was considered sacred, inhabited and protected by a female spirit named the Elder Mother, and the tree’s gifts were regarded as her blessings. Today’s recipe honors my own Italian    [. . .]

Edible Wild Urban Foods

13 May

Feral Kevin GG Park
Kevin Feinstein leads Wild Food Walks in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park and surrounding areas. Originally from Tennessee, Kevin grew up with the standard American diet and lifestyle, never having eaten a fruit from a tree until his    [. . .]