same time, last year

7 Nov

the first friday in november, i received my cancer diagnosis. it’s one year later, cancer free. the california buckeyes fall from their pods this time of year, opening and dropping their fruit. i carried a small chestnut buckeye in    [. . .]

the artist and the island

30 Oct

“Once you’ve tasted freedom, it stays in your heart and no one can take it.  Then, you can be more powerful than a whole country.”   Ai Weiwei, the Chinese artist, lives on an island in a prison.  That island is    [. . .]

Blues, Brews & BBQ

22 Jul

There will be days! Oh yes indeed . . . My niece, Catharine, and her sweet loving Canadian beau, David, are getting married on the 2nd of August. Since the announcement of their engagement, I’ve envisioned throwing a midsummer’s   [. . .]

Dad’s Tool Box

15 Jun

The requisite tool box. A metaphor for the handy man who fixes things. Fathers are fixers. Fixers of boo-boos and bad days, dashed hopes and daft girls, and yes, leaky drains and loose doorknobs. Dads should have a box — a personal bo   [. . .]

Feather Light

8 Jun

Exactly seven months ago I found a lump in my breast. Within two days, I learned I had breast cancer. It was a few days before my birthday and I wrote about it here — On Turning 50. I remember those initial days, and they continue to    [. . .]

Found Fridays: Raku

30 May

My new favorite find are these Raku pots — earthy and volcanic. The word Raku in Japanese means “enjoyment” or “comfort” and “ease.” Raku ware is a type of Japanese pottery traditionally used in Jap   [. . .]

The Unintended

27 May

“I could tell you my adventures – beginning from this morning,” said Alice a little timidly; “but it’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” –  Lewis Carroll I fou   [. . .]

Bare your love

15 May

There are messages in life that return, again and again, to remind us of their validity – a deja vu of sorts. I came upon one the other day in my children’s book shelves. When our two youngest boys were in 1st and 3rd grade, we    [. . .]


13 May

we all have holes, some bigger than others, some people get holes early in life, and some much later. there are holes you can see, and holes that are hidden. people with the see-through holes must bare theirs publicly, those with the hidden   [. . .]


9 May

I’m putting the pieces back together again . . .   I’ve started working out! Well okay, two boot camp sessions, but just a few weeks ago, I wondered if I could open a tight jar by myself or do a single push-up. Putting the pieces b   [. . .]
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